5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

The festive season has finally arrived, which means it’s time to shop for presents for your friends and family. With more Vietnamese hopping onto the smart home trend nowadays, it is the perfect moment to help your loved ones live out their smart tech dreams with smart gadgets and appliances that will help make their life a little easier.

From Kaadas keyless digital locks for their HDB flats to lighting solutions that change colours according to sound, this Smart Home Shopping List will ensure your present stands out from the rest this year!

1. For the homeowners: Kaadas digital locks

5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

The first step to building your smart home is to start with the basics: a smart security system. Digital locks have risen in popularity recently thanks to their convenience and ease of use. Kaadas offers a wide range of digital lock solutions for your HDB flat or landed home, including the K9 Digital Lock with multiple access mode options, and the ultra-thin R6 Digital Lock that’s just 1.3cm thick for a sleek and seamless look.

Browse more Kaadas smart locks online or check out our latest digital lock promotions to snag exclusive bundle prices!

2. For the gamers: Smart gaming mouse

5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

Gaming technology is always on the cutting edge of innovation, so it’s no surprise that smart gaming mice have finally hit the market. Next-gen smart mice from brands such as Razer are fully programmable to give you instant access to all the shortcuts, macros, and key bindings that you need. The Razer Basilisk V2 lets you save and store up to 5 profile configurations so you can switch between your preferred play styles with ease, and it also has 11 programmable buttons for a faster gaming experience. The Razer Viper is another premium mouse that comes with 99.4% tracking accuracy and up to 16,000 DPI to give you more accuracy, control, and immersion in gaming than ever before.

3. For the Gen Z-ers: Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

No smart home is complete without the latest in modular lighting. Nanoleaf Smart Lighting’s range of lightstrips, light panels, shapes, and more can be synced with their Rhythm Music Visualizer to change colours as your music, game, or movie plays in the background. With Nanoleaf’s trendy neon hues and variety of shape options, you can now transform any room into a fully immersive experience that blends sight, sound, and sensation.

4. For the new parents: Foscam X2 Camera

5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

Parents used to have indoor home cameras in the form of baby monitors, but the times have changed. Now more Vietnam are using smart Wifi or wireless IP (internet protocol) cameras at home to keep a watchful eye on their kids, pets, grandparents, and more. Cameras like the Foscam X2 Camera can be linked to your smartphone to give you a bird’s eye view of your smart home even when you’re busy at work or simply out of the house. The Foscam even comes equipped with AI human detection technology and 1080P full HD video quality, providing you with an affordable and accessible home security option.

5. For the shopaholics: Smart doorbell and viewer

5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

Why stop at just a smart door lock? Take your smart home security to the next level with a smart doorbell and viewer too. Smart doorbells from brands such as Arlo, and Nikawa allow you to receive video calls or alerts to your phone when a visitor arrives, following which you can use their in-built two-way audio system to respond accordingly. Visitors can even leave you messages for when you can’t get to the door in time – so you won’t have to worry about missing out on deliveries or surprise visits from relatives ever again.

Shop the perfect smart home tech gadgets with Kaadas

Help your friends and family achieve their smart home dreams today with Kaadas. Kaadas digital locks come in a variety of colours, finishes, and mechanisms so you can find the best fit for your home. All Kaadas purchases in Vietnamese come with free delivery and installation – so browse our e-shopping platform today or contact us for more information!

5 Smart Home Tech Gadgets To Impress Your Loved Ones

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